Untitled, 24:45

and over and over and over and

C:deep-music-visualizer> visualize.py --song untitled.wav --pitch-sensitivity 280 --tempo-sensitivity 0.5 --depth 1 --num_classes 10 --classes 1 29 107 108 117 327 328 396 971 973 --jitter 0 --output_file untitled.mp4

rendertime [47:43:??]
runtime [24:48]

This is an original composition with accompanying computer-generated graphics. ‘Untitled 24:45’ is an electronic and ambient sound project inspired by Hiroshi Yoshimura’s opening track of his 1993 album, ウェット・ランド [Wet Land]. The composition was managed by Oblique Strategies. ES2 modules and DX7 VSTs (recreating ARP 2600) were used after Beverly Glenn-Copelands use of the Yamaha DX7. The BigGAN deep music visualizer was used to render the visuals. This project is still under development!