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Selected Readings from the
Blackheart Collective
in conversation with music by
Beverly Glenn-Copeland

3 / 21 
Includes the writing of Norman Boston, Stevie D.L. Belle, Austin Alexis and Isaac Glenn Smith.

The Blackheart Collective’s editorial BLACKHEART 2: The Prison Issue, published in 1984, focuses on the experiences of incarcerated black gay men. I hoped to broadcast the work of some of the writers and poets in the journal and put it in context of the COVID-19 pandemic as the disease ravages through prison populations. The Amerikkkan prison industrial complex is a deplorable condition of life for BIPOC and LGBTQGNC+ communities.

Speech-assisting voice technology was used as the reader of the broadcast to emphasize the relationship between disability, the desensitization of the general public to a criminal justice system that targets Black people, and the incredibly privileged experience (outside of the prison) of a pandemic mediated through technology. Beverly Glenn-Copeland is highlighted in this broadcast as a black trans ambient jazz musician. His album, ‘Keyboard Fantasies,’ from which all the music on the broadcast comes from, was self-released as a cassette in 1986.