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Waveform Generator12 / 21 
Made with Max MSP, Waveform Generator is an architectural body that analyzes procedural audio information and transforms it into a self-generating waveform landscape. The patch was projected onto a 10x36ft LED video wall. This sample performance includes Requiem for CS70 and Strings by Floating Points, Bucephalus Bouncing Ball by Aphex Twin, and Ball by Duval. Performance in New Haven, Connecticut, at the Off-Broadway Theatre.

This is Fertile Ground
7 / 21 
Follow Geo on his adventure to find local grown foods during his first summer in Brooklyn.

Selected Readings from the
Blackheart Collective
in conversation with music by
Beverly Glenn-Copeland

3 / 21 
Includes the writing of Norman Boston, Stevie D.L. Belle, Austin Alexis and Isaac Glenn Smith.

The Blackheart Collective’s editorial BLACKHEART 2: The Prison Issue, published in 1984, focuses on the experiences of incarcerated black gay men. I hoped to broadcast the work of some of the writers and poets in the journal and put it in context of the COVID-19 pandemic as the disease ravages through prison populations. The Amerikkkan prison industrial complex is a deplorable condition of life for BIPOC and LGBTQGNC+ communities.

Speech-assisting voice technology was used as the reader of the broadcast to emphasize the relationship between disability, the desensitization of the general public to a criminal justice system that targets Black people, and the incredibly privileged experience (outside of the prison) of a pandemic mediated through technology. Beverly Glenn-Copeland is highlighted in this broadcast as a black trans ambient jazz musician. His album, ‘Keyboard Fantasies,’ from which all the music on the broadcast comes from, was self-released as a cassette in 1986.