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Geovanni Barrios (b. 1999) is a New Haven-based artist whose work explores conceptions of boyhood and masculinity through a nationalistic lens. Geo's work delves into his personal identity as a first-generation Latino growing up in Miami, FL, and as the first openly gay Eagle Scout of his Boy Scout troop. His most recent project expands on the colonial and militaristic roots of Scouting and the impact that such a youth movement has on national identities and the formation of nation states. His solo and collaborative work covers wide-ranging subjects of social justice, particularly within BIPOC, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ community, and cultural hegemony.

During his time at Yale, Geo made a significant shift from his background as an orchestral tubist to embrace visual arts. Inspired by his Scoutmaster, Geo's initial curiosity about art history set the stage for his artistic exploration. In this transition, he discovered a shared language and rhythm between his musical and visual practices. Geo's work reflects a harmonious fusion of diverse creative disciplines including draught, installation, textile fabrication, video, sound, and performance. He is a currently pursuing a BA in Art History at Yale University with a focus on object’s conservation.